Thursday, May 30, 2013

That desert.

So yeah, I've been bad about updating this. I've had to keep a very watchful eye on my phone battery each day, and I haven't really had a good time to sit down and think til now. Things have happened since my last post. We crossed over into Oklahoma a few days ago and we weren't too pleased with the terrain, wind and heat. We rode a good 30 miles against 20mph winds while going uphill before we stopped for the first time in OK. After eating a massive lunch, we set back out for Guymon. After about 20 minutes of riding into what felt like a blow dryer set on high, we ended up taking a break. We decided that we were going to try and hitch-hike our way up to Guymon. After about an hour and a half of no luck, we managed to get someone to stop. We ended up getting a ride from a pastor on his way to Guymon with his seven Thai/Burmese girls. That was easily the best car ride of my life. He was nice enough to drop is off at a camp site close to the road as well, so I'm really glad he came across us. The next day we headed into Texas, which I was stoked about. We were greeted by an all day uphill ride that eventually turned into a nightmare of wind, sand and heat. We made it to Dalhart with minutes to spare before the town got hit by a small dust storm. Also, Weston and I walked through a dust-devil. NOT COOL. After staying at a motel in Dalhart for two days and getting a lot of rest, we set out for New Mexico last night. We decided to try riding at night to avoid the wind that has been beating us down daily. It was a little frightening at first, but we quickly adjusted and blew through the 70 mile ride and arrived at dawn. We're currently sitting at a campsite in Logan, NM just kind of chillin'. We're planning on heading out around 8pm tonight to avoid wind and heat. I'll make a real effort to post here more often in the coming days. We're in the desert now, so there will be plenty of pictures floating around. I actually have waaaay more than this, but Google+ sucks. Cheers!

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