Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kansas has wind.

Hola, it's been a minute since my phone has had a charge. A few things have happened since we left Sedalia. First, we headed out to Linn county in Kansas and stayed on a lake for a day. Of course, this was after having to carry all of our gear and bikes across waist deep water due to a broken bridge. Spending the day relaxing after a grueling 95 miles was pretty great. We ended up getting some bad weather though, so that night was pretty horrifying. Luckily it paused just long enough for us to pack up in the morning and head out. We were holed up in a diner for about an hour waiting for the monsoon to subside. We managed to outrun the storm and get back out into the sun after about 30 minutes, and we've been dry since. We headed to Pamona State Park that day, but had to make a quick pit-stop in Clinton for some food and possible bike maintenance. We found food, but no repair shop. Got to camp that night, charged phones just a little and hit the sack. Then today happened. We headed out for Marion this morning and quickly discovered that the wind had picked up. We hit Osage City and decided to re-think the day. We chose a shorter destination and headed for Emporia, which was 30 miles away. I can't even describe the horror that we had to endure to get there. 30mph winds and rolling hills don't mix when you're on bikes. We made it though. We headed to the bike shop, grabbed some Chinese food and then got a hotel. Tomorrow we're headed to McPhereson, and I'm pretty stoked. I'll hopefully have more pictures next time to post. Can't take many photos with a dead phone. Cheers.

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