Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We rode bikes and stuff.

Okay, I know it's been waaaaaay too long since I've updated this. For a long time there was nothing to post about, and then when there *was* stuff to post about I didn't want to do it without pictures. Here's a sort of quick update about what's happened since my last post.

First, I managed to get a hold of a bike for our trip. My uncle Andrew was cool enough to let me borrow his bike so that I could avoid paying $1,000 for one. I've ended up putting panniers, new pedals, a new saddle, and some water bottle holders on it. I still need to put some new tires on it, but overall it's a pretty great bike, and I'm excited to take it all the way to California. Andrew, if you read this, thank you so much. I'd also like to thank everyone who's been generous enough to help me get geared up for this trip. I probably wouldn't be able to go without you guys. <3

Second, after getting a bike and riding for a few weeks, Weston and I decided to do sort of a test ride down to Sedalia, which is around 70 miles away. We were able to get a feel for what the Katy Trail is like, as well as what it's like to ride longer distances. I can't speak for Weston, but the first day destroyed me. I was ready to die about 30 miles into it.  The second day was much better though. We ended up plowing through it in about the same amount of time, but we managed our breaks much better on that day. We made it home with some sore asses, but at least we didn't die. There was some awesome stuff along the way to see, and I'm glad we went.

Overall, I'm even more pumped for our trip now. Riding to Sedalia was a pretty awesome experience, and I can't wait to visit places that I've never visited before. Weston managed to get a handful of pictures from this weekend, since I wasn't really able to. I'll have an actual camera with me next time, so expect a lot more. I'll post a link below where you can see all the pictures Weston took over two days.

Sedalia Trip Pictures!


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